LTDA Companies

Mining Salinas Import and Export Ltda

Location: South America>>Brazil>>Rio branco

The Salinas Mining Import & Export Ltda is a company seeking investors, partners to start exploration and extraction of iron ore, manganese, industrial quartz, mica, feldspar. We have records and minerarios rights in the North of Minas Gerais - Brazil. Place this where the Government has just confirmed the discovery of one of the largest world reserves of iron ore with a potential of 12 billion tons.Regards. Rildo Mendes de Almeida Address: Rua Barao do Rio Branco, POSTCODE/ZIP: 30530590 Tel: 55-31-84223368

Collect Representation Ltda

Location: South America>>Brazil>>Espirito santo

Collect Representation Ltda is a company specialized in making representation of foreign products in the Brazilian market or any other country in the world. we are partner with one of the largest import from Brazil, stile comercial with one of the best and largest logistics centers in Brazil. we only represent products of qualified firms that already have a whole new material, professional presentation to send to us. Thank you very much Address: Brazil - Espirito Santo

Austral Marine Ltda

Location: South America>>Suriname>>Para

Our firm, austral marine&cargo ltda. Is a partner company of c. T. M. Chile S. A. De transporte maritimo S. A. ) which is a c. T. M. Team S member. We have strategic alliances with other c. T. M. Houses all over the world(italyMexico, Guatemala, Cuba, Ecuador, peru, Chile and argentina) which allow us to give a worldwide coverage of freight services. Austral marine&cargo ltda. Also known as maritima austral ltda. Has the mission to commercialize products(trading)thanks to our contacts. We buy and sell many products... Address: Esmeralda 1074 Of.1306 Valparaiso-Chile Tel: 56-32-228305 Fax: 56-32-594280

Comercial Sekiguchi ltda

Location: South America>>Brazil>>Sao paulo

Comercial Sekiguchi Ltda CHICQUIT@S - INFANTO JUVENIL Comercio de Bjoux cubic Zirconium, plated Rhodium, Costum Fashion ***** Address: tuiuti 1457, sao paulo, sp, Brazil, POSTCODE/ZIP: 03081-000 Tel: 55-11-92144633 Fax: 55-11-32718523

Manzano Industria Comercio Cereais Ltda

Location: N/A

Company Name:Manzano Cereals Ltda Address: Sete Setetembro n?4288 City...: Amambai State/Province:Mato Grosso do Sul Country.: Brazil Telephone/Fax: 55-67-3481-6663 Mr.Anilton BUY/SELL - Soyabean Grain, Soyabean Oil CDSO, Soya Meal, Soyabean SEEDS, Corn Grain, Wheat Grain, Wheat Flour, Sugar Icumsa 45-100-150-200-Ethanol - Gritz of Maize/Corn: If you have interest, please contact us. Send complete LOI/RWA/SOFT PROBE/BCL P/B Confirmed 2% Payment Methods: : BG or SBLC 100% at sight covering total amount to be bought,... Address: Sete de Setembro, n?4288 (street) Amambai - MS Mat Tel: 55-67-34816663 Fax: 55-67-34816663

Trasegar Servicios Ltda

Location: N/A

We are Trasegar Servicios Ltda. Ours services company was founded on 1997, in order to cover the adiconales necessities that he requires the industry of the glass. Mainly in the preparation of packings, frosting glass bottle and frosting flat glass. Address: Kra 7c# 146-45 Apto. 302, POSTCODE/ZIP: 57 Tel: 57-1-8270625 Fax: 57-1-8270625

R Comercio de Vestuario Ltda

Location: South America>>Suriname>>Para

R Comercio De Vestuario Ltda is one of the worlds largest Capim Dourado suppliers/manufactor/distributor. We supply double hand checked Capim Dourado to the world market. Located in Brasil we have resellers worldwide and a network of wholesale and retail clients. Contact us for any brazil musical instruments or carnival accessories. We carry Havaianas, Ipanema and Dupe flip flops in our footwear range. Along with various Acai fruit drinks, powders and supplements. We are a licensed export fo brazil goods... Address: Rod.Joao Leopoldo Jacamel 11527, Pinhas, Parana, B, POSTCODE/ZIP: 83320-005 Tel: 55-41-33190556 Fax: 55-41-33190556

Landfort Ltda.

Location: N/A

We are foreign companies distributors of cutting tools, abrasives and machinery for the metalmechanical industry of our conutry. We are OSBORN, REXCUT BORDIE & DORIAN TOOLS (FROM USA) JM,CABRÈ & ABAD TOOLS (FROM SPAIN) WE WANT ARE SUPOSSE TO BE TRADING WIT "UKK ENDMILLS INTERNATIONAL CO. LTDA" AND WANT TO CONFIRM THE SECCURITY OF OUR BUSSINES. Address: Calle 127 No. 13A - 54 oficina 604 Bogotá B Tel: 57-1-2633554 Fax: 57-1-6155574

Ecoenergy Colombia Ltda

Location: South America>>Colombia

Ecoenergy Colombia Ltda, is a company formed by professional young men, who compromised with the environmental and economic situation that us presents so much in Colombia and the world, have designed a strategy for the rational utilization of the energetic resources. To achieve this aim Ecoenergy the project implementation that they use the energy expressed by the Sue, in order to create a concept that ends with the needs of the consumer and offers at all time the human and technical support that generates a better... Address: Cra. 24C Sur. No. 54-60 Int. 3-503, POSTCODE/ZIP: N/A Tel: 57-1-3132203563


Location: N/A

C. I. KROLL FLOWERS LTDA is a proudly Colombian company. We are dedicated to the export of the most beautiful fresh cut flowers. Our products have an excellent acceptance in the global market for their high quality, wide variety, beautiful colors and long last. Our main objective is give our customers what they need, when they need it, at competitive prices and with the highest quality. Address: K14A N19-67 S, POSTCODE/ZIP: 2179 Tel: 57-1-5441704 Fax: 57-1-5441704

MR Comercio Exterior & Consultoria Ltda - ME

Location: South America>>Brazil>>Espirito santo

MR Comercio Exterior & Consultoria Ltda - ME is a logistics company that sells Brazilian Arabica Green Coffee Type Rio Minas and Coffee Type Santos directly from the producer. We sell green coffee in our area Esp Address: Brazil - Espirito Santo

Di Vezzo Ltda

Location: N/A

Company: Di Vezzo Ltda is from Brazil-South America. Established in 2002. We buy fashion jewelry with metal base: brass, alloy, copper, with rhodium plated or gold plated, cubic zircon. -We are especialized to sell at wholesail, ONLY into Brazil. Address: Street: Rua Das Paineiras, Lote 05, Apartamento 90, POSTCODE/ZIP: 71929180 Tel: 55-61-34350447 Fax: 55-61-34350447

C. I. Markets Ltda.

Location: N/A

C. I. Markets a young company, colombian 100%, dedicates mainly to produce and to commercialize agricultural products(yuccaand yam of first quality) conserve by means of paraffins process for human consumption and extraction of starch. It arises like a development alternative for the region of the savannas of the department of sucre(colombia)it is the product of the work of a society of three brothers, young enterprising with desires of progress that intend to show the kind face of Colombia to the world. Address: Cll 23A # 43-56, POSTCODE/ZIP: 57 Tel: 57-5-2801328 Fax: 57-5-2801328

Nguyen linh Co., Ltd

Location: N/A

Greeting from PRO-PACK Co. LtdA Provider for packaging and business equipment printing. We are seeking foreign partners we can work together in this fieldWe can supply kinds of packing for foods products, handbags, all products printing by OPP, PET, HDPE, PE, Multiple coasting.. Ect.Also, We are seeking partners that have equipment printing to do business, and we hope this opportunity will develop into a mutually beneficial relationship. Address: B14 / 6u, Hamlet2, Vinh Loc B Ward, Binh Chanh Dic, POSTCODE/ZIP: 84 Tel: 84-08-2669430 Fax: 84-08-2669430

Sugari Impex (Brazil) Ltda.

Location: South America>>Brazil>>Sao paulo

Sugari Impex (Brazil) Ltda., is an associate group company of Global Sugar Trading Corporation, started and established in the year, 1958 mainly to deal in all grades of Sugars. We are representing major sugar refineries for marketing their sugar to worldwide countries. Address: Brazil - Sao Paulo

Ingegneri & Ingegneri Ltda

Location: N/A

Ingegneri & Ingegneri Ltda. is a global trading company, acting as seller's mandate and agent for producers within Brazilian market. We export commodities throughout several countries in Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Africa. We are Located in Sao Paulo, Brazil with partners in USA, UK, and China, with many years of global expertise & experience in import and export trading. I&I specialize in commodities such as Food, Grains, Sugar, Edible Oils, Iron ore, Manganese Ore, Pig Iron, and fines.... Address: Av. Prefeito Fabio Prado, 484 Cj 122, POSTCODE/ZIP: 04116000 Tel: 55-11-81652195 Fax: 55-11-5539 6962


Location: N/A

JHAMQUEWIL LTDA is a company than work with textil, snails, and the busssines of commodities.. Address: Cll 100, POSTCODE/ZIP: 01 Tel: 57-03-3016737474

Bekaert Do Brasil Ltda

Location: Africa>>Nigeria>>Ondo

Bekaert was founded in 1880 in Belgium, is present today in over 120 countries, in different markets and sectors. It has 23,000 employees worldwide, and 6400 in Latin America. World leader in products drawn steel wire and technology of advanced materials. Bekaert do Brazil Ltda is a subsidiary of our parent company in Brazil and Belgium are located in Osasco / SP. Bekaert is present in Brazil since 2005. Our unit has the responsibility to serve all of Latin America offering technical support, pre and post sales in 2006 and until then all... Address: Av. Marechal Rondon, 1215, 06093-900 OSASCO Tel: 55-1121478771

Tuset y Rojas Ltda.

Location: N/A

Tuset Y Rojas Ltda. Is a Wild Boar operation located in the souther part of Chile. Our animals are breed on an Out Door System and feed with natural products. We use no hormones nor chemical products in our animals. Our products are premium quality and currently our distribution is in the local market. We are looking for new markets for our products, such as Asia an Europe. Our Products are: Frozen whole animal Frozen inbone shoulder Frozen inbone leg Frozen inbone ribs... Address: Las Acacias 02129 Tel: 56-2-5289116 Fax: 56-2-5289670

Panatronic Import Export Ltda

Location: N/A

Panatronic Import Export Ltda was established in 1992. We are located in Sao Paulo-Brazil, and our main clients are from our territory and South America. We import electronics goods from China and Taiwan, and also CCTV equipment and spare parts from the U. S.. Address: R. Frederico Guarinon 125 / 63c, POSTCODE/ZIP: 05713460 Tel: 55-11-37434168 Fax: 55-11-51813474