LTDA Companies

C.I. PureColombia Ltda.

Location: South America>>Colombia

We are C.I. PureColombia Ltda. a Colombian company whose main objective is to promote Latin-American products all over the world. Address: Calle 77#9-20 of. 305 Bogota D.C. Colombia Tel: 57-1-6191745 Fax: 57-1-6191739

Asimex Ltda.

Location: N/A

Asimex Ltda. is a company that advises its clients in international commerce business, giving them the best option to get a good market position and solving every problem that tey could find. We provide solutions for the company not to be worried about issues that are not their core business. Address: Carrera 31 A N 25 B 91, Office 201, Bogota, Cundin Fax: Mr. Camilo Mojica

Sdr Internacional Ltda

Location: N/A

The company sdr international ltda operates sell of sugar, soyaben, fruit juice, boats construction materials, searching always for the best opportunities before the refineries, distributors, industries and tradings. We at sdr, are proud in having the representation of branches, leaders in their market's segments Address: Dora Vivacqua,150 - 202 B Tel: 55-27-3337-8832 Fax: 55-27-33378832

SMN Com. Moveis Ltda

Location: N/A

Business Description SMN Comercio de Moveis Ltda. The Group's principal activity is to retail home furnishings. Bedroom furniture, Living room furniture, Kitchen furniture, Dinning room furniture. The Group operates as at 01-Jan-2000. Address: Rua Boqueirao 513, POSTCODE/ZIP: 92410350 Tel: 55-51-30595956 Fax: 55-51-30595956

Representaciones Gc&Ls C. I. Colombia Ltda.

Location: South America>>Colombia

Representations gc&ls c. I. Colombia ltda. Colombian company that she offers services of intermediation and brokerage as regards exports and imports and all that related in external trade and logistics. Address: 2a 2 23 Libertador, POSTCODE/ZIP: 73001 Tel: 57-8-2617609 Fax: 57-8-2617609

Manzano Cereals Ltda

Location: N/A

Manzano Cereals Ltda-Since 1985 working with Dryer and Storage / Buy and Sell of Grain or Cereals such as: Soybean Grain, Soybean Oil CDSO, Soybean Meal 44% up to 46% Protein, Soybean Seeds, Corn Grain, Gritz of Maize for Snack Foods Processing Line, Sugars Refined and Crystal Icumsas 45-100-150 and others, Alcohol hydrous and Anydrous, Currencies, Iron Ore Sinter Feed, Iron Ore Mines, FARMS OR LANDS FOR SALE IN Brazil, TO MAKE PLANTATION SUGAR CANE, SOYBEAN GRAIN, TO BUILD ALCOHOL / ETHANOL PLANT AND OR BIODIESEL PLANT.... Address: September Seven Avenue, 4288, POSTCODE/ZIP: 79990-000 Tel: 55-67-34816663 Fax: 55-67-34816663


Location: N/A

ASEJAR Services SA and DIESVA Timber Ltda, forms the holding ASEJAR - DIESVA which had as mutual vision generating new business opportunities, both internationally and inner market, reinforcing this way their respective business areas and also expanding in to other areas as automation access present in the domestic market (import) and food, designed to meet the demand of foreign markets (exports). The union ASEJAR - DIESVA is driven by visions characterized by constant innovation and entrepreneurship, thereby... Address: Manuel Rodriguez 426, Of 12, Chiguayante., POSTCODE/ZIP: 4100698 Tel: 56-41-2351412 Fax: 56-41-2229557

Pro Eletro Imp. Com. Equip. Perf. Ltda

Location: N/A

We are from Pro-Eletro Imp. Comercio de Equip. de Perfuracao Ltda-South of Brazil-a distributor of products for many kinds of companies such as Coal Mines, Quarries, Buildings, Demolition, Ceramic, Metallurgical and others. There are 19 years since we started in this business. We're looking for companies to become they're Dealers. If you don't have a dealer in Brazil please send me your products with specifications and price list, then I will offer to my costumers. Address: rua sao miguel do oeste, 510 Tel: 55-48-21023322

Simmex Comercio Internacional Ltda

Location: N/A

Customers around the world, seeking furniture manufacturers in Brasil, can be assurred that Simmex Comercio Internacional Ltda. , will work closely with them and the factories to ensure the products are manufactured to their specific requirements. With first-hand experience in the design and production process, and an engineering and technical background, Simmex will monitor the production, right down to quality control, from its beginning until shipment. Address: Rua Haviador Harry Bollmann, 232, POSTCODE/ZIP: 89290000 Tel: 55-47-36354495 Fax: 55-47-36354495


Location: N/A

Next we presented to you our company TECNIK LTDA. : we are a engineering company, located in Bogota (Colombia) , with 28 years of experience in design, manufacture and assembly of equipment related to the generation and heat transference (specially with boilers) . Additionally, we offer complementary services of engineering, maintenance, repair and provisions of spare parts (Honeywell, Beckett among others) . With this letter we want to show our interest to bring to Colombia sterilizers hospitable or laboratory... Address: Diagonal 53# 56b-35, POSTCODE/ZIP: 0571 Tel: 57-1-2227811 Fax: 57-1-2220656


Location: South America>>Chile

Dear sir. Our company is a Chilean exporter of seafood. And we have some suppliers authorized of Sea urchin, Octopus and Scallop for European market and others (Crab, Chilean abalone, Squid etc) of Chile. If you have interest, please try to have contact with us by e-mail. Best regards Nobuaki Aoki ETERNA CHILE Ltda. Tel. 56-99-8295742 Address: Gallo 395 Tel: 56-99-8295742

Bilu Food Industry Ltda.

Location: N/A

Since 1978 the Bilu Food Industry Ltda. Offers to international market products of high quality. Thanks to the modern production technologies and distribution logistic. Bilu is recognized by customers and delegates as an agile and constant company. The company is located at 25 km of the second most important port of Brazil, which helps logistic and all exportation affairs. Factory stands on more than 15, 000 m2 plant. At this moment bilu is looking for representatives and partners around the... Address: Luiz Gonzaga Werner,255 Santa Terezinha, POSTCODE/ZIP: 88352540 Tel: 55-47-32553036 Fax: 55-47-32553057

HeggerSoto y Cia Ltda

Location: South America>>Colombia>>Valle

HeggerSoto Y Cia Ltda takes care of the im/export for a few main Colombian Agriculture companies. We also are buyers/sellers of Urea46, Lentils, Colombian Coffee, Plywood, Purple speckled kidney beans and Sugar Feel free to contact us for more info. Best regards Marco Hegger HeggerSoto. Guadelajara de Buga Valle - Colombia 0057-22366639(telefax) 0057-3175173250 Address: 14-2-51, Buga, Valle, Colombia Tel: 57-2-2366639 Fax: 57-2-2366639


Location: South America>>Brazil>>Sao paulo

CALLAWAY LOGISTICA INTERNACIONAL LTDA. is a NVOCC and Logistic Provider solution acting in the Brazilian Market since 1992, with offices in the main Brazilian Ports, in order to best serve our clients. Our services comprise: - Sea Freight (NVOCC); - Air Freignt; - Customs Brokerage; - Door-to-Door operations; - Project Cargoes handling; Also please note that our company is also do procurement services, in order to search and qualify suppliers in the Brazilian Market. Address: RUA DOS CHANES 78 SAO PAULO SAO PAULO 04087-030 Br Tel: 55 - 11 - 55320622 Fax: 55 - 11 - 55320622


Location: N/A

America Representacoes Ltda. is an office dedicated to represent companies that produce sugar, powdered milk for food industrial applications, model railroad material for export, iron ore, manganese ore, coal, and aircraft fleet owners as well. Address: R. Lobivar de Matos, 67 - Vila Nova Campo Grande M Tel: 55-67-33620987 Fax: 55-67-33620987

Carlos Herrera

Location: North America>>Panama>>Herrera

Comercial Nahuelko is dedicated to the import / export of various agro products, among which include:- Frozen Chickens (in its various cuts)- Frozen Vegetables and Fruits- Cheese- Whole Milk Powder- Rice- Gigant Squid (Dosidicus Gigas)- NutsIf any of these products is of interest to you please contact us.I send a cordial greetingCarlos HerreraComercial Ltda Nahuelko Ltda. Address: Sauvignon Tel: 56-9-98283114

Royal Old Company, Ltd.

Location: Europe>>Romania>>Arad

Royal Old Company, Ltd. are an export company with a large experience of 19 years in exportations from portugal to Europe and worldwide. Now also in Brazil, royal old company, ltda. Intends to export all kind of brazilien products that my clients want and need from Brazil with all the firmness and honesty that the world of businesses demands. Address: Ararai Street, Pataxos Paradise, Nr. 9999, Ap. 7, POSTCODE/ZIP: 45810000 Tel: 0055-73-88029456 Fax: 0055-73-32685958

Leman Sucre Do Brasil

Location: South America>>Colombia>>Sucre

AGOREY TRADING LTDA. represented by Leman Sucre Do Brasil export to all the world conteiner's of 20' with 25 tonns of sugar ICUMSA 45, crystal sugar ICUMSA 100, raw sugar ICUMSA 150 in bags of 1kg, 2 KG and 5 KG with the brand of customer. Export soya beans, yellow corn and fresh frozen chicken griller hallal or not hallal. Address: 59-07, Jose Bonifacio Pr, POSTCODE/ZIP: 11013-190 Tel: 55-13-3231-1505 Fax: 55-13-3231-1505

Ferraz South America Beverage Industries Ltda.

Location: South America

Ferraz South America Beverage Industries Ltda. is the largest stocking dealers of used plastics molding machinery and accessories in Bolivia. We have been selling quality plastics machinery worldwide for over 15 years! We offer complete turnkey packages including international shipping. Address: Calle Quitachyu, POSTCODE/ZIP: None Tel: 591-70815006 Fax: 591-33-437891

Plus Export & Import Co.Ltda

Location: South America>>Suriname>>Para

Plus Export Import Co. Ltda under Brazilian Law Registration 93. 109. 957 0001 51. We are a well know International Co, Exporting worldwide: COMMODITIES to offers: 1) SOYABEAN NON 600. 000 m / t (12x50. 000m / t) 2) SUGAR ICUMSA 45-150 600. 000 m / t (12x50. 000m / t) 3) DEGUMMED SOYABEAN OIL 300. 000 m / t (12x12. 500m / t) 4) SOYABEAN BRAN 150. 000m / t (12x12. 500m / t) 5) PALM OIL 150. 000m / t (12x12. 500m / t) 6) IRON ORE (Brazil) 2. 400. 000m / t (12x200. 000m / t)... Address: Rua Marques Do Parana, 104, POSTCODE/ZIP: 93336-250 Tel: 55-51-35935908